Gabriella Wilde (Sara) "Looking for Alaska" by John Green

Character: Poppy Claudia Dursley ~ Actress: Gabriella Wilde ~ DOB: ~ Hair: Blonde ~ Eyes: ~ Sibling(s): Willow and Daisy ~ Parents: Dudley Dursley ~ House: Slytherin ~ Blood Status: Muggleborn

Gabriella Wilde hair inspiration

Gabriella Wilde as Felicity Beckham, wrongfully convicted of conspiring and receiving stolen letters belonging to her mistress, Lady Margaret Thomas. Sentenced to indentured servitude, she is rescued from her dire placement from Professor Evan Cavendish.

As the first days of winter set in I'm already called back to spring and summer time... :'(  My only consolation is snowboarding... and that snow is white.

Cupid is kept on his toes in Endless Love, out 3 July, as reckless teens David (Alex Pettyfer) & Jade (Gabriella Wilde) embark on an epic love story.

Gabriella Wilde Picture 16 - London Fashion Week - Autumn-Winter ...

Gabriella Wilde as Aliza Anderson in The Darkest Hour book one in The San Diegan Series by S.

Alex Pettyfer & Gabriella Wilde  ENDLESS LOVE

The Best Movie Kisses of All Time

Alex Pettyfer & Gabriella Wilde Steam Up 'Endless Love' Trailer!: Photo Alex Pettyfer goes in for the kiss with Gabriella Wilde in the trailer for their new romantic thriller Endless Love!

Gabriella Wilde; loving her hair!!

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