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The Burmilla is a breed of domestic cat which originated in the United Kingdom in It is a cross between the Chinchilla Persian and Burmese breeds SO CUTE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE -Hallie Walker

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25 Fotos que demuestran la GRAN lógica de los gatos.

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¿Cómo tratar a un gatito recién nacido? - Animal Care

aww I want one.I like 2 kittens, a black 1 referred to as Spud your white 1 known as Feline. Or perhaps your dark-colored just one identified as Kitty. HEHEHE I LOVE Pet cats ~~~ kitten

La manera como se introduce un gato a su nuevo ambiente es muy importante para que éste haga su adaptación lo mejor posible. Aquí te explicamos cómo hacerlo

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Cute softies.

Little stuffed kitty cat dolls - pic for inspiration only, no pattern - such…

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15 animales tan pequeños que podrían caber en una mano