They don't even have to be gay =D. The moment you realize your a Yaoi fan is when you start shipping your real guy friends. <<<<YUUUUUS.

The perfect timeline of my life. I'm so busy shipping slash I can't read things with straight couples without finding it weird.

Kuwait Times

Wife finds hubby with paramour in bed - Kuwait Times

saucerfulofregrets: “ Kiss her, you hippy drip! ”

saucerfulofregrets: “ Kiss her, you hippy drip!

Gay Detected :))

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I need the definition of personal space please. Oh wait, that doesn't exist in their world

My pin to my Dan and Phil board. My first board to reach I'm trash, but in a good way. Thank you Dan and Phil for changing my life.

Romney goes on offense in first Presidential Debate, pays for it in first wave of fact checks (guess what? he lied!)

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

In Wake of Developers Conference, Google Scores Two Hits on Viral Chart | Viral Video Charts: Week's Top Brand-Driven Viral Ads - Advertising Age

Viral Video Chart: Australian Gay Marriage Video Makes Global Impact