George Hurrell photographing Jane Russell

Unknown photographer (Will Connell?) - George Hurrell photographing Jane Russell in his Beverly Hills Studio, 1942

Carole Lombard - by George Hurrell 1937

A look at the beauty of Hollywood icon and glamorous goddess, Carole Lombard wife of William Powell and Clark Gable, who died in a plane crash.

George Hurrell - portrait shoot Rosiland Russell

George Hurrell - portrait shoot Rosiland Russell

Ann Sothern (1909-2001) by George Hurrell

Ann Sothern by George Hurrell.Ann Sothern, a deft comedian and talented singer who was known as the Queen of the B's at Columbia and RKO, where she made 18 movies between 1934 and

George Hurrell, Master of Hollywood Glamour Photography

Dubbed the "Grand Seignuer of the Hollywood Portrait". When told he had only a day to live he replied, "Well, the party is over, it's time to go home".

Brooke Shields | by George Hurrell

Brooke Shields has one of the most beautiful faces ever seen. Even photographer George Hurrell, most famous for his Old Hollywood photos, came out of retirement to photograph her. Photo For Tatler Magazine

Joan Crawford photographed by George Hurrell, 1933.

Joan Crawford photo George Hurrell, Goege Hurrell was the artist turned photographer who played a significant role in making Hollywwod glamourous and Joan Crawford was one of his finest subjects.