Giant Schnauzers the best breed for home,kids,and realy smart. My next dog will be a giant schnauzer!

Contact us about our German bloodline, Our litters are planned well in advance and our mostly used for Therapy and Service work so reserve yours now. Our puppies are sold within the first.

giant schnauzer

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Giant Schnauzer!  the Giant Schnauzers are very : loving, child friendly, affectionate, loyal, smart, high maintenance, adaptable, and they make a wonderful inside dog believe it or not.  be prepared, they think they are human, and expect to be treated as such!  we love love love love love ours!

What a great breed! they are smart, easy to train, easy to to maintain grooming, and a great guard dog :). Think this will be our next dog.

Bullet – Shaved Giant Schnauzer

They love the outdoors. This one has a really nice cut. His owner must exercise him too.

Giant Schnauzer | von ABBAS Riesenschnauzer

Stunning giant schnauzer with natural ears AND tail!

Giant Schnauzer and German Shepherd

Giant Schnauzer and German Shepherd.maybe the newest additions to our family when we move in?

Giant Schnauzer. They are members of the working group. They are great cattle drivers. They stand at 23 1/2-27 1/2 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 55-80 pounds.

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

Official AKC Standard for the Giant Schnauzer : Kenro Kennel

Official AKC Standard for the Giant Schnauzer : Kenro Kennel