Gladiolus Garden! Beautiful cut flowers!


Birth Month Flowers And Their Significances . August - Gladiolus is august birth flowers. This flower is just like a fighter's blade from outside while it doesn't mean energy. It is the icon of memorial.

How To Grow Gladiolas, my favourite garden flower!                                                                                                                                                      More

planting GLADS this weekend too! Homestead Survival: How To Grow Gladiolas, my moms favorite garden flower

Gladiolus (one of the official flowers of August. Meaning "Moral Integrity.") my tattoo on my arm :)


The August birth flower is the gladiolus which means sincerity and symbolizes strength of character . Love-at-first-sight is what the hi.

August birth flower Gladiolus

Gladiolus represents strength of character, while the white color symbolizes forgiveness, healing,& purity. Possible tattoo relating to massage therapy

How to Plant Gladiolus

When to Plant Gladiolus Bulbs?

Gladiolus flowers are perennials that stand tall and beautiful. The flowers vary in color and give your garden a dramatic, lush feel due to their long, flower-filled stalks.

Ghostly Beautiful Flowers, Gladiolas

ghostly beautiful flowers, in the morning they were black but at night they show their beauty by glowing an iridescent white that gives them the name ghost flowers.