This show may be ridiculous at times, but I don't think there has ever been another one that champions self-love, compassion, and acceptance the way that "Glee" does.

Glee taught me that were all misfits but its okay. You changed my life thank you

I did it all I swear I lived One Republic Lyrics Inspirational Wood Sign, Canvas…

I did it all I swear I lived One Republic Lyrics

A very inspiring design for everyday living! An excerpt from the lyrics "I Did It All" by One Republic. The design is available as a wood sign or canvas wall

#glee #quotes  "but nothing lasts forever..."   <3

All of these empty choir room pictures break my heart but it means Klaine in NYC ♥

Darren Criss, quote, Glee, superawesomemegafoxy or something

I love this quote thar Darres Criss said, because I think that there's nothis better than being who you are. And if people are going to be around you and be your friends they are going to like/love you for who you are.

Single Taken Busy Singing Hoodie

Single Taken Busy Singing Hoodie

Assistant Director Only Because Full Time Superskilled Ninja Is Not An Actual Title Hoodie

Because Chris Colfer and the character he plays have an endless supply of quotes that have to be repinned. I mean, come on, they just have to be.

Kurt Hummel - but this should also go on my Role Models board. No matter who you love or how you dress or how many people bring you down, always be yourself. Thank you for teaching me that Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel/Glee.

Quinn Fabray is such a complex and deep character i love it

Quinn Fabray is such a complex and deep character, she is my favourite one in Glee.