Use Rustoleum's glow-in-the-dark paint to paint your flower pots...

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Glow in the Dark Planters-Paint flower pots with Rustoleum's "Glow in the Dark" paint. Absorbs sunlight by day & glows at night. Great landscape and gardening idea.

love the illuminated planters

Solar lit pots are gorgeous - they just need to be in a sunny location that offers at least 6 hours of sun

Rust oleum Glow Paint

Wild Salt Spirit: Can do this for hanging patio plants! Attractive glow I the dark pot for the back yard

‘ As we already noticed, glowing pots and planters are awesome decoration for any outdoor and even indoor space. There are some of such translucent pots and planters among simple, stylish and yet sustainable products by Rotoluxe. The company creates objects of interior design from recycled content and use low watt CFL/LED lighting to provide them with an ambient glow.

led plant pot lights- You take glow in the dark paint and a plant pot and during the day the paint will charge from the sun and at night it will glow. How cool is that idea?

Pots painted with glow in the dark paint. I like this idea a lot!

Paint some things with glow in the dark paint for lighting. These Flower pots painted with Rustoleum glow in the dark paint! I think there are longer lasting paints & powders that can be mixed with paint. search for super phosphorescent paint

Great idea for outdoor lighting. Find a pot you like, paint the pot with glow in the dark paint and Voila!

Glow in the dark flower pots. Rustoleum product that absorbs the sun and creates a glow in the dark.

Stencil An Outdoor Planter. Good idea to use glow in the dark paint to put the house number on a pot.

Top 10 Creative DIY Backyard Projects

Stencil An Outdoor Planter. I would use glow in the dark paint to put the house number on a pot. Put on my black rain barrel!

Premium Quality LED Lights:

Possibilities abound with Rob Slewe's Bloom Light Pot. These colorful outdoor pots are an intriguing addition to your landscape. Thy can be used in so many


This 6 inch LED plant pot brings a new brightness to your plants. It has a rotating light in the holder that makes plants sparkle with color as it turns.

cool glowing flower pots to light your way.wonder how they did that?

Paint plantpots with neon glow in the dark paint and line your path or steps with them. They charge in the sun all day and glow much of the night