Understanding how far you hit your ball with each club is an essential factor in scoring to your potential when golfing. There are many elements that can effect your game... Read more »

Get some golf swing tips and learn proper golf club distances. Check out this infographic and golf club distance chart to improve your game.

How to improve your golf game!! Golf swing techniques, golf workout, golf recovery! Lots of golf tips in this infographic!

This infographic by SKLZ displays body position, swing direction, and impact angel to optimize your golf drive. It also depicts some great strength building exercises to help you gain the necessary strength efficiently and effectively

Golf handbook infographic! Hackers Handbook Quick Fixes for the 7 Most Dreaded Shots in Golf #golf #Sports #infographic

fundraising infographic : Hackers Handbook: Quick Fixes for the 7 Most Dreaded Shots in Golf Infographic

Good putting can make or break your score. but just how should you practice to really get better on the green? Here are a few golf ideas to get you started. More golf tips at #lorisgolfshoppe

Lower Your Golf Score in Seven Simple Steps

Instructions for the 3 best putting drills to help new golfers improve their short game with illustrated examples of each putting drill.

#Infographic Golf Club Distances: How far should you hit each golf club? @pgatour #golf

The chart depicts the average golf distances for each club for men and women. We'd say that "skill" (swing mechanics & Center hits) & swing swing speed are the two defining factors; but, you can't just swing faster and expect results. No Joke!

47 golf practice drills for at home to complete indoors. Golf practice tips, drills, putting, chipping, short game

47 Golf Drills to Practice at Home

Indoor golf drills you can do from home to save you time and money. Improve your golf scores during the winter months or busy work weeks with this eBook.

How to gain distance with your driver. Golf tips.

How do you know if all of the time spent practicing your golf swing is paying off. What happens if there is a simple test of golf swing that you take to show

Golf Hook, Slice, Fade, Draw, Push, Pull and Pure. Click for tips on getting it right! #nwgolf #golftips www.OneMorePress.com

What is a Hook, Slice, Fade, Draw, Push or Pull ? Ty Daniel’s Golf

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10 Short Game Drills for Beginners

The quickest way to lower golf scores is by having a strong short game. Try out these 10 short game drills that will challenge you and help you improve. ** Be sure to check out this helpful article.


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PGA Tour Player's Golf Swing Secret Can Now Be Tested

Beginner Golf Tip: Correct Tee Height for Hitting the Driver: What’s the first thing a golfer does on every hole? Places the ball on a tee, of course.