Crow Head Tattoo Idea

Crow Head Tattoo Idea

A creative tattoo of the raven's head inked on the side of a man's head.

Huge predatory fish head tattoo

45 Crazy Tattoos on Head

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs: Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas For Girl On Head ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

Glee's Costume Designer has a hair tattoo!  I'm sick of doing my hair everyday.....hmmmm.   #hairstyles #tattoos #weirdstuff

Tat's an interesting hairdo! Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich reveals bold new head tattoo at awards ceremony

Glee Costume Designer Lou Eyrich and her hair tattoo. If I ever lose my hair - I will do this

Coolest Head Tattoos | PressRoomVIP - Part 4

Head tattoos are serious business. Not only does everyone notice them, they are also seriously painful.

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Look at this badass steampunk hair! Such a complex look with the color, cut, tattoo, and piercings all matching perfectly to complete it. It's definitely a stop-and-stare look.

Bald Head Tattoo List | Photos of Tattoos on Heads (Page 2)

Bald Head Tattoos You Have to See

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When it comes to tattoo badassness, there is nothing but nothing more badass than hardcore head tattoos. A selection of hardcore head tattoos to die for.

Bald Head Tattoo List | Photos of Tattoos on Heads (Page 2)

Bald Head Tattoos You Have to See

Head Mandala by Dillon Forte - This is a healed photo of my boo Ariana's head tattoo I did. Hand I did is also healed. I took this photo in Haw

Olga Nekrasova

Healed and a bit hairy laurel wreath with briar berries on Kate Tattoo Artist…

Ooooh! Mohawk and tattoos, the best combination :)

Anna Enola- if (heaven forbid) I ever get cancer, I'm shaving my head and doing something like this.