Must try this to get a different kind of curl.

DIY No Heat Curls -15 Tutorials for Curl Hair without Heat

No heat curls. I have tried a few of the no heat curls. This is the only one that works for my hair.

Overnight Heatless Curls! These look just like curling iron curls or waves! Plus they are easy to sleep on #KMHaloCurls .

15 Super-Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Girls with Tutorials

Waves without heat. Good for people like me who still haven't quite mastered their curling iron yet.

6 Ways to curl your hair for homecoming

Here are three easy ways to achieve Beachy Wave Hairstyle for anyone who is trendy and fashion monger.

I already have naturally curly hair but this is cool!

10 Hacks and Tips On How To Curl Your Hair Without A Wand Or Iron

Naturally Curly Hair Tutorial: when I did this with my naturally curly hair I looked like Sideshow Bob. I think it might work with hair that's NOT naturally curly.

How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Use a headband and twist for a heat-free curling technique. You are going to get gorgeous loose waves without any risks of overprocessing or split ends. This method works for medium and long hair.

15 Tutorials for Curls without Heat - Pretty Designs

15 Tutorials for Curls without Heat

No heat hairstyle :) - One of my favourite no heats. If you wet your hair so its a bit damp, and twist your hair (gently) tightly, you get more defined long lasting curls.

Sock bun secret revealed: giant bun & heat free curls!  this girl is so darling! It's fun to listen to her do the tutorial :o)

The original Sock bun secret revealed: giant bun & heat free curls! This is the girl who came up with the sock bun- the tutorial for how to actually wrap the hair is the best I've seen!