Emotional Photography by Henri Cartier Bresson

Emotional Photography by Henri Cartier Bresson

This is a photo by Henri Carier-Bresson I like this one becaue it has a leading line angle in and I like the way how he took this picture looking up spiral stairs with people popping their heads up,

This image taken by Henri Cartier Bresson captures line from the left hand corner leading the eyes down the stairs to the movement by the person on the bike.

Cartier-Bresson: A master's black-and-white world

Henri Cartier-Bresson Hyères, France, 1932 11 x 14 Silver Gelatin Photograph 16 x 20 Silver Gelatin Photograph

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Painting the Eiffel Tower, 1953 - Howard Greenberg Gallery -- china.org.cn

Marc Riboud : Le Peintre de la Tour Eiffel / The Painter of the Eiffel Tower - Paris, 1953

Sidewalk Café, Boulevard Diderot, París (by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1969)

Sidewalk Café, Boulevard Diderot, París (by Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1969)

Henri Cartier Bresson :: maestro of street photography. The one who entirely defined the concept of street photography.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Giacometti

Henri Cartier-Bresson Alberto Giacometti at his home, Village of Stampa, Region of Grisons, Switzerland, 1961

Queen Charlotte's Ball by Henri Cartier-Bresson, London 1959 ░▒▓ lσvє ▓▒░ ♥ #bluedivagal, bluedivadesigns.wordpress.com

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “By Henri Cartier-Bresson, Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London 1959 ”

Henri Cartier Bresson black and white photography. nice use of lines

I choose this photo to represent my passion for photography. I love photography and I want to start photography as a career during my holidays.

I think this is a good photographer because he used what was going on around him to create a shot. He used leading lines, and the emotion captured on the subject's face is spectacular.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: 'The Eye of the Century'