La Verdadera Historia del Titanic

A photograph released by Henry Aldridge & Son-Ho Auction House in Wiltshire, Britain, 18 April shows an extremely rare Titanic passenger ticket

Infographic: What Brought Down the Titanic? A remarkable variety of elements came together to sink the famed steamship Titanic.

Why and How the Titanic Sank (Infographic)

Why and How the Titanic Sank (Infographic) - by Karl Tate, LiveScience Infographic Artist

Some pictures of the Titanic

Some Pictures Of The Titanic You've Never Seen

Interior del Titanic

El buque de los sueños

Photograph by Walden Media  More than two miles down, the ghostly bow of the Titanic emerges from the darkness on a dive by explorer and filmmaker James Cameron in 2001. The ship might have survived a head-on collision with an iceberg, but a sideswipe across her starboard side pierced too many of her watertight compartments.

Unseen Titanic has two galleries of interactive images of where the Titanic now rests under the Atlantic Ocean.

Las últimas fotos del Titanic - Taringa!

Las últimas fotos del Titanic

{"user_id": "created_at_utc": "downvotes": "is_community_pin": true, "score": "details": "Crowds watch the Lusitania leaving New York on its fatal last voyage. Torpedoed and sunk on this day, 100 years ago. (New York, NY .

The only pictures of the Titanic are the work of Father Francis Brown.  He travelled 1st class and captured all the haunting images that are in existence today

11 Never Before Seen Pictures Of The Titanic

Taken by Father Browne SJ show a glimpse of what things were like before the ship went down.Passengers from steerage settle on deck aboard the Titanic.

Story of Titanic Passengers who Died or  Survived | hubpages

Inside the Stories of Families Aboard The Titanic

Titanic - 1912 Original Video Footage Uploaded on Jan 2008 Original Footage of titanic of 1912 before its departure to its final journey . This is a Detailed Video showing many parts of titanic adn also the passengers who died th.

One of Titanic's third class cabins

Stories of Passengers on The Titanic Who Died

LOWER DECK: One of Titanic's third class cabins. Most photographs of the ill fated ocean liner show its opulence and grandeur.

Titanic Newspaper Clipping

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Original crew of Titanic, Captain standing on the right.

Captain Smith: Titanic's Crew: Left to Right: William McMaster Murdoch, Charles A. Bartlett, Henry Tingle Wilde and Captain Edward John Smith