{ Face Claim: boys that look like him ) Hey. I'm the bad boy. I'm into doing drugs and drinking so if you need a hookup come and find me.

Jesse// I light my cigarette, taking a drag and blowing out a thin stream of smoke. I see you make a face, showing your disgust, and I smirk. "What?" I take another drag and purposefully blow it in your face

Nobody will understand my smoking habbit , but its the pain anger and hurt i let flow in the smoke of cigarettes.

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Steven💕-Dusk Till Dawn- representing your love. “It’s hard being ourselves today, harsh.

Zeus Lores by Gui Costa

Zeus Lores by Gui Costa. Smoke emerging through the open mouth. Smoking as an act of cleaning: All tension and stress goes up in smoke.

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"Slanderous Scheme (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy) - Chapter by - "Warning: Incest Foursome. Jayke Winston doesn't have much of a great bond with his brothers. He's ne…"

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