Never, ever, ever will I not think of you son.. I do day in and day out everyday

Haven't stopped thinking about you since the first day I met you. & God how I miss you </ Just thinking about you and hoping your having a good day. I love and miss you.

~~~ Dad, I simply miss you. Your sense of humour, your singing, your passion for anything sweet! I miss getting your coffee made and making hearing you say "what's for manga" (what's to eat). I miss you fixing things and the music you loved to play. I haven't been able to play anything since mom passed. My world is empty now. I don't want to believe you've been gone for six months now! I don't want to but I have to. Daddy, watch over me, please. I love you, xox

I miss you so much and love you more! My heart is physically hurting from the pain. I love you Daddy.

2yrs today, you said good bye and it broke my heart. miss you everyday DAD!! xx    R.I.P 17.4.1946 to 11.10.2012

We will forever grieve dad for you. We cant function without you. You kept this family together and now its not the same.forever i will miss you and love you xx dad u were the best x