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diy drawing eyes for my advanced students who finish ahead of the rest of the class and are waiting

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I like how the artist uses only three colors, red, black and white. Making red the focus point. I like how the picture is simple and realistic. I think that this is a perfect picture to sponsor these lipsticks.<<<< that's beautiful

Aprende a dibujar un cuerpo humano,ropa,anime y a colorear                                                                                                                                                     Más

Aprende a dibujar un cuerpo humano,ropa,anime y a colorear

El color menta regresa con toda su fuerza en esta Primavera, aunque en realidad nunca se ha ido. ¿Cómo lo sé? Pues fácil, navegando a través de Internet me he encontrado muchísimas fotos de objetos que tienen este color. Sin duda un color que me inspira mucho y me pone creativa. Checa todas estas cosas increíbles,  estoy segura que te […]

28 Increíbles objetos color menta que sacarán tu lado más HIPSTER

I love typewriters! I would much rather write with a typewriter than on any digital device. Typewriting challenges the mind and to type you must focus so you don't ruin your page. My sister has a typewriter and the writing is beautiful!

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Dreamcatcher tattoo design by on deviantART i absolutely love how the sun and planets are in the center! such an awesome idea!

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