Pequeñas sierra de mesa casera de viaje, plegable y transportable.

Utility Table Saw - This tool provides a more compact and mobile version of a table saw. It utilizes a circular saw mounted with its cutting side upward and bolted to a homemade table with an opening to clear the saw blade.

Portable Dust Collection System with Noise Reduction & Dust Separator using Shop Vac

Portable Dust Collection System With Noise Reduction & Dust Separator Using Shop Vac

This is a dust collection cart that I made for my small workshop that serves multiple purposes:o It provides a handy portable working surface of various shop.

tope de corte  para ingletadora metalica

tope de corte para ingletadora metalica

Cómo hacer una ingletadora casera, con una sierra circular portátil (1).. - YouTube | varios | Pinterest

The danger of the kickback with the circular saw is a problem that we, amateur woodworkers, do not discover until we have dedicated some time to our new hobb.

Homemade Miter Saw - Miter Saw Tips, Jigs and Fixtures |

Homemade Miter Saw - Miter Saw Tips, Jigs and Fixtures - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Tips, Woodworking Techniques

herramienta casera riza-dobla-torsiona-rola y hace piñas todo en frio - YouTube

*** I am currently in college, hence the slow down (stop) in videos. I didn't expect it to take up this much time but I am still very busy outside of school.