10 Interactive Children's Books

A list of our favorite interactive children's books. This list is broken down into 5 interactive board books for all ages and 5 interactive hardcover books for preschool age and up.

This list of Interactive Children’s Books that Get Kids Moving will help save your sanity during these cold indoor days.

I Want My Hat Back, Jon Klassen It is a deceptively formulaic search the bear takes on to find his hat. So used to the answer ‘no’, he misses the solution when it’s under his nose. The moral of the story—thievery is punishable!

Two new interactive children's books introduce them to legendary artists Calder and Picasso.

Knock-Your-Socks-Off, Interactive Children's Books

I truly believe that all a children's book needs to be magical is a well illustrated wonderful story, but sometimes, as a gift,.a book can fall flat

Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Interactive Books for Preschoolers. A list of MUST READ books that will have your kids engaged and participating throughout. They will beg to read these again and again! Fun and interactive ~ a good combination!

A beginner SQLite tutorial series on using SQLite for iOS. This part focuses on making an app that uses a SQLite database.

Motion Silhouette is an interactive Japanese children’s book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima that includes pop-up silhouettes in-between pages.

This unique book makes learning Italian easy, practical, and fun! Suitable for teaching adults, as well as older children, Barron’s Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way covers the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and speaking Italian. The engaging, interactive lessons and exercises can be done in just a few minutes per day. Readers will pick up enough Italian for most everyday situations—from meeting and greeting people to asking directions and handling simple business transactions.

Interactive Children's Book Mix It Up

is one of the most creatively written kids' books. It teaches kids how to mix colors and what new colors are created without requiring them to actually make a mess at all. One of my three-year-old daughter's favorites.

Personalized 4 page Quiet book/ Busy book, Interactive Children's toy

Personalized 4 page Quiet book/ Busy book, Interactive Children's toy in Baby, Toys for Baby, Developmental Baby Toys