Irish sayings

Everyone is always telling me " you aren't irish bc you weren't born there" Happy Vintage St Patricks Day

Hell yeah for Irish girls

☘☘ Ïŕἶŝђ €ƴẻŝ Ꭿŕẻ Ꮥ๓ἶℓἶภ' ☘☘Ꭿℓℓ Ʈђἶภɠŝ Ïŕἶŝђ☘♧♣♧♣☘ ~ Very true-Irish girls are…

That's my daughter!

☘☘ Ïŕἶŝђ €ƴẻŝ Ꭿŕẻ Ꮥ๓ἶℓἶภ' ☘☘ ~ What more can ye say ~

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Irish Quotes, Irish Sayings, Irish Jokes & More. Irish Girls This is very me

Irish Girl  -  my husband still has issues with this one.  ;)

HaHa, I'm Irish, German and Native American,so fuck off you don't stand a chance.