Mitsuo Katsui  (I assume this has something to do with Japanese typography.  However, it reminds me of the kind of designs you get on radio spectrum analyzers... which I've been trying to incorporate for years...)

"Letters and Life" poster by Mitsuo Katsui. I believe it's an ad for some kind of font. Love the blurred lines and colouring.

phonetikana1_555px  Michael Johnson,  johnson banks

Clever font sneaks pronunciation guide for English speakers into Japanese katakana characters

Another abstract idea for a quilt?

ficciones-typografika: “ Ficciones Typografika Very pleased to feature (from left to right), Hans-Ulrich Allemann Cyrus Highsmith and Götz Gramlich A.

Japanese Typography by Josh Jaques

You! Be Inspired! #0009 – Branding and Package Design Special

japanese newspaper  images | Vintage japanese newspaper ads | Art and design inspiration from ...

Vintage japanese newspaper ads

24 solar terms typography design by More Tong

Chinese calligraphy and modern type design. Asian typography 24 solar terms typography design by More Tong