Halle-fucking-lujah, someone put the whole ridiculous, "well criminals don't follow laws so..." excuse into word.

Senator arguing criminals won't submit to background checks. Jon Stewart pointing out the craziness that is in people getting elected to office who don't believe in the power of laws.

Congress in all it's idiotic glory, Ladies and Gentlemen. There should be a mandatory test to even be considered capable to run a country

Congress. Ladies and Gentlemen

John Stewart explains flooding effects of global warming to Congress. If this demonstration isn't clear enough, he might have to get out crayons and puppets.

Green Lantern John Stewart (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho on DeviantArt

Since a kid I always envisioned myself to become a super hero on the big screen. Especially Jon Stewart which is the Black Green Lantern. Although it will take hard work and dedication in the future, I will be on board for all the work.


Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, Spectrum)

Leave it to Rick Santorum to turn a moment of mourning for one of humanity's strongest individuals into a politicized and selfish rant. How pathetic

Jon Stewart facepalm…

Funny pictures about Jon Stewart facepalm. Oh, and cool pics about Jon Stewart facepalm. Also, Jon Stewart facepalm.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) by Jeremy Roberts

Green Lantern John Stewart - Jeremy Roberts, December 2 1971 was the first appearance of John Stewart in Beware My Power, Green Lantern

Truth & It isn't too funny that the Republicans in Congress have cut foodtamps to our nation's elderly, poor, Veterans & most critically our children. 1in 5 American Children live in poverty.

Classic Jon Stewart Quotes and Jokes

Jon Stewart to Bill O'Reilly: "Why is it that if you take advantage of a corporate tax break you're a smart businessman, but if you take advantage of something so you don't go hungry, you're a moocher?