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Watch the video about Jesus’ prophetic warning to Christians and their flight from Jerusalem to Pella. See how trust in God helped them walk by faith, not by sight.

‘Walk by Faith, Not by Sight’

‘Walk by Faith, Not by Sight’ The Roman army abandons its siege of Jerusalem. Two Christian families face tough choices. Will they obey Jesus and forever walk away from all that is familiar to them? Their decision will mean life or death.

Pursue Goals That Honor God | JW.ORG Videos

Pursue Goals That Honor God

God’s Name in the Bible | JW.ORG Videos

This fascinating Bible exhibit shows the history of the divine name and its rightful place in the Bible. Many rare and valuable Bibles have been donated.

Just a little while longer! ༺♥༻ Would you like answers to life's big questions?  ༺♥༻ has the bible and study aids (to read, watch, listen & download) available in 700+ languages. These are designed to be used with your bible. And now:  is 24/7 online TV for your computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Browse the library of movies, documentaries, and videos. Watch anywhere, anytime. Listen to music, drama productions, and dramatic Bible readings. All at no charge.

What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth and Mankind? to find answers to your Bible questions or watch videos for kids, teens and adults in 800+ languages

Gonna read the Bible now BRB! Wish I could call monkey and read the Bible together and talk about what we read.we would grow together spiritually ☺️☺️

God is awesome :)

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Super cool if you ask me :-) "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" Doctrine & Covenants Though we often and even never feel the part of being special or worthy we too are among those he thought the world needed!

Biblical songs for all the children and adults too. My son who's three, this is one of his favourites. has the Bible study aids online. It also offers free in home bible studies.

Pray Anytime

Prayer anytime everyday whatever is on your mind tell Jehovah through His Son Christ Jesus .my favorite Song wish it was in our song Book kingdom melodies.

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Fifteen Reasons to Read the Bible Daily - Reading God's Word must become a daily discipline because we need a solid grasp of the way God intends us to live if we are going to live for Him. Regularly feeding on God's Word satisfies the hunger of our souls

In Nebuchadnezzar's vision he saw (like in a video) the successive world powers up to our day. Daniel (Jehovah's prophet) interpreted his dream. As he got to the feet of the image (our day) this vision showed God's heavenly Kingdom and how it would put an end to ALL the world powers, and STAND FOREVER. Daniel 2:44 Jehovah's prophecies ALWAYS come true.

7th World Power of Bible History

The 7 World Powers of Bible History that are going down. Only Jehovah's Kingdom will be left standing. In the Bible The United States is not even mentioned.

We are living in the last days. This is the last world power before Gods Kingdom soon takes over!!

This is the world Powers foretold by Daniel. Right know we the Anglo-American we are the feet. The last kingdom, until God takes his king.

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Online Video Library

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