King Kong (1933)  A gigantic ape is captured and brought to New York City where it breaks loose.

King Kong This is an early publicity shot and is quite different than the final movie version. Both the building and the Kong puppet are quite a bit different than what appears in the film.

King Kong - 2005 - It's curtains for Kong

Penny says: "What Ann and Kong share is empathic understanding; they look into each other’s eyes and see the souls within.

KING KONG - Jessica Lane in the palm of the great ape - Directed by John Guillermin - Paramount - Publicity Still.

KING KONG - Jessica Lane in the palm of the great ape - Anyone else suddenly craving a Popsicle?

Jessica Lange (Actress)

KING Jessica Lange fills in for Fay Wray as Kong's love interest in this remake of the 1933 classic.Kong climbs the World's Trade Center instead of the Empire State Building in this Cinema Trash Classic.

Movie Posters:Horror, King Kong (RKO, 1933). Three Sheet (40.25" X 79") Style B.. ...(Total: 1 Item) Image #1

King Kong (RKO, Three Sheet X Style B. "Ladies and Gentlemen, before I tell you - Available at 2012 November Dallas.

Kong: Skull Island - Andy Fairhurst

Kong Skull Island : les plus belles affiches de fans