Oscar Delmar (b.1981, Spain) - Sexual Healing Graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Oscar Delmar is a Canary Islands-born artist, living and working in Barcelona. With minimalist influences, especially at the conceptual level, and adapting works closer to illustration, the series “Sexual Healing” delves into a recurring theme for Oscar Delmar, one that he has tried before from different points of view.

Oscar Delmar

Oscar Delmar is a Canary Islands-born artist who lives and works in Barcelona. His series of watercolor illustrations entitled “Sexual Healing&r.

besos y yoga

Jiří Slíva ~ how come women are the ones bending over backwards to please 99 out of 100 times?

Forbidden Fruit...Illustration by Lynn Buckham for the story, "Saturday Afternoon." JM.

Illustration by Lynn Buckham for the story "Saturday Afternoon" by Mary Sergeant in Woman Magazine

A kiss on the hand...illustration by Fred Oakley. JM.

If you’re too playful will I find you less girly and more cool, like a cool girl friend? Don’t guys and girls fuck their friends sometimes? Is being a friend…

Entregar-se àquilo que você nunca se cansa quando lhe faz bem

Top stuff / Kiss by Adrià Molins. Original photo by Anna Morosini