goodolarthistory:  Artist: Kolomon Moser

Koloman Moser poster for "Frommes Kalendar" 1899 Execution: Albert Berger, Vienna Colored lithograph on paper Serge Sabarsky Collection, New York

Secession poster, 1899, by Koloman Moser (Austrian, 1868–1918). Moser is associated with the Viennese Secession movement, and was co-founder of the Wiener Werkstatte

Koloman Moser - Poster of five art exhibition of the Association of Austrian Artists of Secession, 1899

Koloman Moser

Koloman Moser 1905 design look at the date I like the bird motif very much! Maybe just the bird in this chess pattern for a scarf?

Monograms for artists of the Vienna Secession. Published in the XIV catalogue for the group ▪ 1902.

Personal monograms of various designers from the Vienna Secession, Including: Gustav Klimt (second from R on top), Koloman Moser (second from bottom . The secessionist museum was the highlight of my trip in 2013 to Vienna