Kostas Martakis... My choice for Mather in the Snow Like Ashes Series minus Mather's white hair.

Cat Monday: Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis, Greek singer and model- His face is perfection: Eyes, lips.

kostas martakis | Kostas Martakis - The Most Popular Musicians Of The World. WhoPopular ...

DSoL// Characters: Elric - a thief from the other side. His father was an earth elemental and his mother was a human woman.

Kostas Carr Bryson

This is singer Kostas Martakis. I am using him for inspiration for Lewis' character - particularly those intense, cerulean blue eyes.

kostas martakis

Haven't heard of Kostas Martakis? Kostas is only 23 and comes from Greece.

Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis - Greek Singer

Above: Katrina Tsantali, Regina Kouri & Marianna Smpokou Ok, I figured it's probably about time I wrote about some great or at least fun .