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Detox diet tips

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This is actually rlly true,, like just for a few examples I bias yoongi in bts and taeyong and renjun in the nct units, and I feel like they’re the ones that I relate to the most. I typically choose my bias based on who I relate to most in the group, then I find that my wreckers are the ones who show me a new side, such as kookie in bts and (tbh most in nct could be my wreckers but) jisung (who I could basically consider a bias at this point)/chenle/hyuck

This is true. My bias is Yoongi and i have some of the hardships he has gone through and he has helped me through them. My bias wrecker is Hobi and he's the one who shows me the new sid of life.

Showing your non kpop friend Kpop and they want to talk about looks. Like shut up and enjoy, this is what heaven sounds like

“want to watch the dna video?” “you mean those guys with the eyeliner?

Yeah, but in hungarian China is really with K, so my friend really think it is chinese.

My friend asked what K Pop stood for even after seeing pictures of BTS. I told him it stood for Kentucky Pop

This is also going to be a very important painting when you walk out of our house.

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Shinee members showing Jonghyun some love xD:

Shinee members showing Jonghyun some love xD

Different Kpop lightsticks

1theK(원더케이) on

Fan lights are very important in K-Pop fandoms. They're like your IDs. I like this because it shows how much thoughts into creating each one of these. (I have the Ahgabong and the Matoki btw!

.EXO ♡ #FUNNY #KPOP Just how I feel, except for a couple of friends who also love K-Pop

EXO ♡ Por eso y muchas cosas más, María(mi amiga XD ) no vengas a…

Bahahaha } Wrong context for "sumimasen"~~~but still! Hahaha

Hongki's savage manager hahaha He should be thankful for he was blessed.

Showing a funny kpop vid to my friend... this is so true happens every time to me haha

Showing a funny kpop vid to my friend. this is so true happens every time to me haha<<< I've overdosed on K-Pop, someone call a doctor!

BTS Bangtan Boys | Perfect kpop reactions

Peasant usually showing this face to me when my answer is KPOP.