Beautiful landscaping around a gorgeous pool.  Maybe someday..(sigh).  From by selena

Borders don't have to be large or complex to have visual impact; just four or five well-chosen plants can work wonders. Here, a border of purple African daisies, lobelia, sea lavender and silvery dusty Miller hugs a pool.

Plants mosquitoes hate! We plant lemon grass in large pots around the patio.

Supposedly these plants are mosquitoes' worst enemies! Plant these in your garden or put them in pots on your patio and remain mosquito-free all summer! by bettye

diy pool landscaping | How to Decorate Swimming Pool Landscaping

If you are working with the best backyard pool landscaping ideas there are lot of choices. You need to look into your budget for backyard landscaping ideas

Would love to do around the pool -multiple levels of rock as a border looks neat and orderly but still natural. Also, many great landscapes at this site!

Layered rock border ~ This really looks attractive as a border for a flowerbed. on the way to side yard

Pool pots around waterfall - Gardening Layout

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great idea for drainage

Openings between each paver makes room for a permeable detail of smooth stones.nice drainage detail, rhythm of the pebbles and stones, permeable paving

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