Place your miniature garden in an easily accessible location. Here, the village runs along the top of a knee-high block wall that elevates it for good viewing and makes it easy to reach into and putter with. Then, form hills and valleys to vary the landscapes by mounding or excavating soil, or creating terraces that add dimension.

7 Tips to an Animated Fairy Garden

Combining drought-tolerant succulents, Cotswold cottages, and elevated beds will lend easy inspection of the wee landscaping of a miniature garden.

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Gnomenculture/ The Fairy's Garden fairy garden. ~ 30 DIY Ideas How To Make Fairy Garden

fairy garden by onycha   how's about this for your back yard?!

Donna's In-ground Miniature Garden - "Wee Balle" - Long Island, NY ~ Donna created an impressive complete village - WOW!

Fairy garden path  mosaic fairy house fairy garden beneath the ferns #beneaththeferns #fairygarden  1

How to make a miniature garden path

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Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Tutorials

Faerie Garden in a lantern! I have one, though I'd love to get my hands on a little faerie figure like this one! I have a battery operated tealight in my lantern, but I like the plant idea. Maybe succulents.