Great leaders have a goal to maintain, they don't lead for the fun of it, they lead to make a difference.

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Great leaders don't set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference.Its never about the role-always about the goal. Make a difference, lead yourself to achieve your goal. Be a great Leader to your Family, your Team, and in your Life.

The Law Of Attraction And Love

This should also include childlike approach to confronting mistakes as well as little to no emotional intelligence. #thoughtleadership Great questions to ask the self. ~ EMILY LYONS: LINKEDIN.COM/IN/EMILYLYONSDESIGN #PersonalLeadership #Women

themes of servant leadership." Tips, activities, skills and ideas on leadership development including developing women. Helps bring the qualities of good leadership to life. Works well with leadership, success, motivation and inspirational quotes. #Leadership leadership quotes - a person feels

When people feel appreciated, they are more willing to work harder and are more willing to respect and trust their boss/co-worker/employee.

The Compelled Educator: 5 Inspiring Leadership Quotes - Motivation Monday #37 {September 15, 2014}

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. (Harvard Business School definition of leadership)

Bear this in mind next time you are selecting a #LeanSixSigma project.

It's not always easy that's for sure, but it's got to be done, no question! Big picture stuff 🌍🐋🌊 thanks for the snap inspiration

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