Lionhead Rabbits The Complete Owner's Guide to Lionhead Bunnies The Facts on How to Care for these Beautiful Pets, including Breeding, Lifespan, Personality, Health, Temperament and Diet

Lionhead Bunny Rabbits - All About these Cute and Unusual Bunnies

Lion head rabbit! I want one so bad

Care for Lionhead Rabbits

How to Care for Lionhead Rabbits. Lionhead rabbits are small rabbits that have a distinctive mane of hair on their heads. Indeed, they are distinguished from other rabbit breeds by this distinctive tuft of long fur between and around the.

This. Bunny. Is. Fabulous.   I want that hair cut.... wait.. hare cut. almost missed a great opprotunity

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that hair cut. almost missed a great opprotunity this bunny has better hair then I do

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Lionhead bunny...I NEED to get one for Kerri, and name him Simba!

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Funny pictures about Lionhead Bunny. Oh, and cool pics about Lionhead Bunny. Also, Lionhead Bunny.

Lionhead Rabbit Facts and info, how to handle them, where they come from, how long they live, how large they grow, and much more.

Three young men stole a family's pet rabbit, threw her in a bathtub, lit her on fire, and then threw her out of a window. Sign this petition to hold these men accountable for the kidnapping, torture and brutal murder of a beloved pet.

lionhead rabbit with English spot markings. You don't get these in the wild! Reminds me of the rabbit we used to have as a pet...

My Lucy rabbit looks just like this bunny. Only Lucy has grown to be much grumpier. If I dared try to put a bow in her hair.

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This is ridiculously adorable!! He looks JUST LIKE SAM!!! <3 <3 I need one....  Double-Maned Lionhead Rabbit Black

The Lionhead Rabbit is a breed of domestic Rabbits and is recognized in both the USA and UK, learn more about their required Diet/Care, Lifespan and Colors.

Cute Lionhead rabbit posing with flowers

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