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There comes a time in any ESL class when the teacher realizes students are bored with the listening material offered with the coursebook. So, the ESL teacher decides to give the class some e

This pack of 54 task cards is a great way to reinforce procedures and routines at the beginning of the year. *Use as a game to quiz your students on the procedures to earn group points. *Use as a speaking and listening activity. *Have students discuss their answers in partners to reinforce the rules.* Turn the cards into a writing assignment.This pack includes 54 task cards plus 12 blank cards.

Back to School Classroom Procedure Task Cards- Editable

This pack includes 54 task cards plus 12 blank cards. This pack is geared towards classrooms. If there is a routine or procedure that you would like added to the cards I will personalize 6 additional cards with purchase of the set.

FREE TRICKY Following Directions Quizzes~  A fun way to remind students about the importance of following directions!

Don't do this unless you like humiliating your students! A couple of teachers did this to my mildly autistic child and his whole class--so mean and the kids were so upset!

Perfect cover sheet for each class in your AVID binder! Get to Know Your Class

Perfect cover sheet for each class in your AVID binder - Students can have one for each subject.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - English as a Second Language - This is a great website for ESL students to practice

6 Steps to Design Your Very Own ESL Listening Quiz

We have all pressed play on either the tape recorder or the website associated with our text books. Listening activities are important for ESL students.

Listening quiz about the local news for English learers: Newscasts

Writing a Social Studies Research Paper? Try These Prompts!

This ESL lesson plan asks students to create a newscast to learn and practice media related vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs: QR Codes for Listening to Books on Movies, with AR Quiz levels and numbers!

My family is helping me put together some book listening movies to use with my technology/listening station so I thought I'd share!