'Modern Curves' by Anita Shackelford - Tumbler Quilt

'Modern Curves' by Anita Shackelford - Tumbler Quilt Sometimes I find a new digital quilting pattern which becomes flavour of the mont.

Curved Lines using a Walking Foot - Quilting

It is possible to create beautiful gentle curved lines using your walking foot. - Curved Lines using a Walking Foot - Quilting at BellaOnline

How to quilt Hst quilt direction

How to quilt Hst quilt direction. This would be good for Cathedral window by just using the outside borders of the block.


Just a little work today. I was really hoping to finish up quilt today, but I fear I caught the stomach flu from my granddaughter . I guess we will see!

Have you thought about starting your own longarm quilting business? Here's some tips to help you create a solid business plan.

Even if you never intend to quilt for anyone but yourself, it pays to spend a little time thinking about how you might structure a quilting business if you buckle in a weak moment and say “yes” to someone begging you to quilt for them.

Free Motion Quilting | Longarm Quilting | Whole Cloth Quilt Design by Jen Eskridge

Longarm Quilting Skill Builder Design

Try this longarm quilting skill builder design by Jen Eskridge. Choose to use all or only a few lines to guide your finished whole cloth quilt.

beautiful machine quilting on an applique' quilt!

Harriot by Sue Cody

I'm loving this beautiful applique work. Longarm quilting is by Green Fairy Quilts and the Applique is by Beth.