9 Favorite Natural Makeup Brands

9 Green Makeup Brands You Should Know

Makeup - 9 Favorite Natural Makeup Brands - Its so important to be conscious of what youre putting on your body. You can check your makeup ingredients by visiting ewgs skin deep website - Makeup Products

10 Beauty Tips For Pale Skin-----I myself have very pale skin and I like seeing stuff that helps us pale girls.

10 Beauty Tips For Pale Skin

It is so strange to be living in a time when pale skin isn’t considered as beautiful anymore. It seems like you have to have sun kissed skin to be accepted as beautiful on social media sites. Well, some of us aren’t sun kissed. We are sun slapped.

French girl beauty rules to live by

The French Girl Beauty Rules: Makeup Artist Violette Shares Her 8 Essential Secrets

Love getting free samples in the mail? Sign up for these six legit sites and you can score all kinds of freebies by mail- makeup, baby items, even stuff for teens! A mailbox full of boxes is the best kind of mailbox.

6 of the Best Sites for Finding Free Product Samples

Hey everyone! Today I want to share a special recipe with you… a recipe that you won’t be eating! (Gasp!) Yes, I will be sharing with you a recipe for your very own custom DIY homemade “mineral” foundation. Since my cancer scare last year, I’ve been very serious about eliminating toxins from my life as much as possible. And while I can’t really control what toxins I ingest through the air I breathe and the water I drink, I do have control over what I put on my skin. I was terrified to learn…

Make Your Own DIY Natural Non-Toxic Mineral Foundation - The Paleo Babe

Make your own DIY natural mineral loose powder foundation out of ingredients your probably already have at home. I used arrowroot powder, cacao, cinnamon, ground ginger, bentonite clay and lavender es

If you have ever been on Pinterest before, you will know that, on this site, there is no shortage of DIY remedies for…something. Or, to be specific, remedies for lots of things. Makeup mistakes. Messy rooms. Fashion problems. And, of course, remedies for acne.

14 Weird Acne Remedies From Pinterest You Should Try

de Baking soda is the cheapest ingredient in your pantry that will solve your all skin flaws. Baking soda scrub will provide smooth skin, removes acne, blackheads, razor bumps, dark spots or scars etc.

La Muerte-Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Latina Mom Tips & Advice | mom.me by TheArtMuse #LatinaBloggers

La Muerte-Inspired Makeup Tutorial