marcus mumford- sexiest motherfucker alive

Marcus Mumford, Mumford and Sons.unique, original, true talent - the best Rock n Roll band playing today IMO

Marcus Mumford.  Amazing musician and a wonderful person <3

Well Hello, I'm Claire, I'm from the wonderful world of the United Kingdom. I love all things Mumford & Sons, Harry Potter, British Comedy and various other things.

Oh, Marcus Mumford...

Multiple reasons Marcus Mumford is attractive to me: unconventionally cute, that one earring, beautiful voice, passionate about the music, and pleasantly plump

This is exactly why I love Marcus Mumford so much.

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Marcus Mumford, on music

"Music is some sort of excuse to be a human.sometimes people need that excuse to throw their arms in the air and sing their heart out" Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford

PSA: marcus mumford is an angel and a gift to this world