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Loved the Marlboro Man. As an adult, I got to know one of the marlboro men. A beautiful man that eventually died of lung cancer (WM).

When cigs were advertised on TV if only smoking was good for you!

¿Tenes Ganas de Fumar?

The Marlboro Man advertisements everywhere and he died from lung cancer

In 1960, the tattoo was discontinued, but its message - that of intrigue and masculinity - remained vibrant in the Marlboro Men of the decades to follow.

1976 Marlboro Cigarette Ad - Marlboro Man, Cowboy-This is a 1976 ad for a Marlboro cigarette! The size of the ad is approximately The caption for this ad is 'Come to where the flavor is' The ad is in great condition. This vintage ad wou

Clarence Hailey Long, 1949 | This 39-year old foreman at the JA ranch in Texas went on to become the "Marlboro Man". When the cowboy's face and story appeared in LIFE in 1949, the advertising exec Leo Burnett had an inspiration. The company Philip Morris was seeking a new image for the brand and C.H.Long was the perfect choice for the Marlboro Man, and the rest as they say is history. |

Clarence Hailey Long, 1949 - This is C. Long, a foreman at the JA ranch in the Texas panhandle, a place described as acres of nothing much.” He was sensationalized as the original Marlboro Man.

Marlboro… I had heard they were once a women's cigarette. This is a far cry from the "Marlboro Man"!

Marlboro Cigarettes Topless Girl 1944 - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

1972 Marlboro ad  It was January 1st 1971 when congress imposed a ban on Cigarette Advertising on TV.

1972 Marlboro ad ______ Everybody smoked. Most peoples parents smoked too. The doctors smoked and would recommend it to people to 'soothe their nerves'.

"Who didn't love the Marlboro man?" (Cigarettes, dumb ass!)

11 Manliest Brand Icons of All Time

Cig ads on TV - Marlboro when you could smoke any where you wanted to. The Guy in this ad, the Marlboro Man, died of lung cancer!

realmensmoke: “  Marlboro Man 1980′s most likely from a German magazine ad. Marlboro Man 1981 ”

realmensmoke: “ Marlboro Man most likely from a German magazine ad.

1974 MARLBORO MAN CIGARETTES AD Cowboy in Long Rain Slicker

This is a great example of the media using the symbolic conventions of dress and actions of characters in order to leave the impression of ruggedness.

1991 MARLBORO MAN Cigarettes Photo AD Cute Young Cowboy Roping on Horse #Marlboro

1991 Marlboro Cigarettes Ad -This is a 1991 ad for a Marlboro Cigarettes! The size of the ad is approximately The caption for this ad is 'Marlboro' The ad is in great condition.