lol. minion u are right for everything here. 30 Minions Humor Quotes

30 Minions Humor Quotes

I don’t know about you but I really love minion and their guru and their stupid random things, so being their fan I am going to share some of the best, coolest, hilarious minion funny pictures

Aging humor is a great way to make each birthday more bearable. Click now to see this funny sign featuring a Dr. Seuss poem on getting old.

Cat in the Hat Aging Humor Funny Novelty Sign

If you gotta grow old, you might as well laugh about it! Our funny sign featuring the Cat in the Hat encourages a healthy approach to aging. Time passes for us all, no matter how kind, mean, rich or p

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25 Minion Jokes

Dear Haters, I couldn't help but notice that 'Awesome' ends with me, and 'Ugly' starts with U!

what a great idea....I will have to wait a whole year now!

*Doorbell rings* Pizza guy: here's ur pizza Me: omg why u so late? Pizza guy: what? Me: ur a year late! *takes pizza* *slams door in his face*

This is England as a minion! Am I right. Re share this if you think I'm right.

Cooking fabulous smoke alarms This is England as a minion! Re share this if you think I'm right.

Top 40 Funny Minion Quotes and Pics #minions

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics