"Waddles get out of my face!"

"Waddles get out of my face!"

gravi-teamfalls:  “Even your great uncle Stan doesn’t know about THIS place..”  BGs from “The Last Mabelcorn”  Design by:  Ian Worrel, Sun Jae Lee, Alex Chechik, Janine Chang,   Paint by: Jeffrey Thompson, Matthias Bauer, Samantha Kallis, Alex Chechik  Art Directed by Ian Worrel

There should be a spin off of gravity falls called the adventures of ford pines were you see ford find the creatures and right the books

Goodbye Gravity Falls.  You have been with me through everything. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END??? WHYYYYY

Gravity Falls goodbye note to Dipper. WHY DID IT END<Because Alex Hirsch wanted it to be a summer story, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

My theory is Alex hangs out with the creators of all these shows and begs them to put this stuff everywhere

it's everywhere

okay so now we just need one hugeass crossover between gravity falls rick and morty steven universe and star vs the forces of evil this shouldn't be too hard

No! Este! Este me encanta, es como Snapchat, me encanta! :D

Típico de Fallers - Wallpapers! :D

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, oh I know we’ll meet again some sunny day 🎶 Finally got it done! Really wanted to do Bill’s statue in that pink rose-y color palette in the last.

Here's an exclusive look at new images from the Gravity Falls Art Show. "Twilight Terrarium" by Xinwei Huang.

Exclusive: See 9 New Images from the Gravity Falls Art Show

The Gravity Falls Art Show, Farewell to the Falls, is opening this weekend at Nucleus Gallery, and we've got the exclusive images.