Money origami heart, with full step by step instructions

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Made with gelt - Money origami heart. Look for the video link or if this seems too hard there is also a link to a much easier heart.

How to make an origami dollar bill guitar / Boing Boing

How to make an origami dollar bill guitar — Boing Boing

Dollar Origami Guitar Tutorial - How to make a Dollar Origami Guitar - Published on Jul 2015 In this video I will show you step by step how to fold this Dollar Origami Guitar. All you need is a single dollar bill.

Money origami tutorials. How to give creative cash gifts at weddings, birthdays and the holiday season.!

Use money origami (dollar bill origami) to transform your dollar bills into clothing, hearts, flowers, and more. Folding money is a quick and easy way to make a gift.

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How To Make An Origami Dollar Bulldog

completed origami elephant

25 Awesome Money Origami Tutorials

For some reason, I find this fascinating. And which idiot spent half their life inventing it??

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Dollar Origami Shirt & Tie Tutorial - How to fold a dollar bill in to a shirt and tie

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Dollar Bill Heart Origami | Fun Family Crafts

Dollar Bill Heart Origami

Someday Crafts -- Origami Dollar Bill Hearts: The gift of money is always LOVED. Crafty Journal shows you how to make folded hearts. Not only can you give money, but you can give it in a crafty way :)


Giving cash money as a gift is a simple way to avoid having to find something to buy. Something you can easily do is find a few origami money ideas to use.