Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with nature herself. ~Henry David Thoreau

Take me for a walk in the morning dew, honey. Take me for a walk in the morning dew today.

quiet time

Stellar Series

My heart . my mind . my intuition . the senses of my body . the blessings . my spirit . my fear .

dancing light.

So Simple Wall Shelf by Smart Furniture

A lovely photo with perfect light of Cécile Daladier vases Before Cécile Daladier made ​​ceramic vases, their works have always been based nature. In large glass and rusty iron sculptures made ​​them collect water and put the sculptures in nature.

I had a dream about this last night.

Freunde von Freunden — Johanna Burke — Set Designer, Apartment and Studio, Brooklyn, New York — I love this space.

I love this.. maybe back light them and put them thru the house where there are no windows.

Large old windows set out in the tall grass meadow. Sunlight through a window

Sad as it is, the smoke from a cigarette makes the most amazing patterns with sunlight and air....

The light came through the window, Straight from the sun above, And so inside my little room There plunged the rays of Love. In streams of light I clearly saw The dust you seldom see, Out of which the Nameless makes A Name for one like me. L Cohen

morning light in the forest | photo by martin marinsson via flickr

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روی این میز جای دو فنجان چای داغ خالیست... جای یک شمع.. جای دو دست... جای صدای یک زن... جای لبخند های زنی که، چه کسی میداند پشت کدام میز 8 نفره نشسته است و پنیر تعارف میکند به دیگران برای صبحانه! #کیوان_میرشاهی

This would be the previous slave quarters. Rough hewn furniture lent a hand to the shabby chic feel, but with new updates, renovations, and repairs it was made habitable again.