mosaic birdbath- this page has a lot of info on how to mosaic.

prior pin: Artist Lyn Richards sent me some pictures of the mosaic bird bath she made this past summer, and it is worth showing off. The floral design and the colors used in the mosaic were inspired by Van Go…

mosaic birdbath by Jane Kelly, JK Mosaics,

Dragonfly Spiral Birdbath

What is the difference between Indoor Art and Garden Art you may ask… The difference is in the materials. For the garden, water proof/resistant substrates, such as cement and cement board are used.

mosaic birdbath - using china, stained glass, beads and tile

not a mosaic pathway, but I'm looking for an idea that would hold succulents, be decorative and fit into a mosaic and maze garden, humm this might work plus I could use some of the chipped but beautiful pottery I have.

Springtime Birdbath/Water Bowl Ready to by RebeccaNaylorMosaics

Bird bath Mosaic Birdbath Garden Mosaic by RebeccaNaylorMosaics :: Best rated home decor item available only on Etsy (affiliate link)

Mosaic birdbath | Short birdbath covered with vintage and ne… | Flickr

Mosaic birdbath | Short birdbath covered with vintage and ne… | Flickr

Blue Bird Bath Back

the whole bird bath from the back; vitreous glass tile, stained glass tile, glass gems, on terracotta bowl and pots;

mosaic birdbath...I would just hang on a wall or a tree!!!

creative time :))) make lots of outdoor mosaic things; stones, the balls on stands, birdbaths, etc.