Fresh, Creative & Clever Logo Designs

Creative & Clever Logo Designs

Fresh, Creative & Clever Logo Design using Amp spelling out AM as a wire design and the plug in at the end. The white foreground and black and white background keeping the contrast between the logo and background

Logo + Musica = Criatividade

es 15 Cool Music Logo Designs

15 Cool Music Logo Designs

really like this concept, integration of headphone cord holding strong reference…

40 Examples of Music Logo Design

40 Examples of Music Logo Design

I think both the expanded letters and the note shaped "L" indicate the flow, expansion, and motion of music.

BUMT Logo Design

(Banda Unió Musical Tarragona) by Atipus. I see the frets of a guitar which is entirely appropriate.

Logo Design - sound

Clever use of negative space to create a music note. This is an idea of how to incorporate music, without seemingly subscribing to one specific genre of music.


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