Children love to bring home rocks and seashells. Nurture that impulse by dedicating a spot to a mini nature museum.

Unplugged Play Spaces

Potlucks on the Porch: 100 F-U-N Indoor Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers Rock and Roll Daycare loves this.

Nature Tables- beautiful and inspiring spaces for home preschoolers

Homeschooling in Small Spaces: Nature Tables

Including nature guides on a nature table is a great way to get young naturalists interested in reading!

Nature Table Ideas with Books

Including nature guides on a nature table is a great way to get young naturalists interested in reading! Here are some Nature Table Ideas with Books!

Better than a nature table. A nature area. For learning, rather than decoration.

Wonderful nature study post showing their nature area. I appreciate the use of cork board to display natural materials

Fall Preschool Art Activities: Leafy Cinnamon Stick Scented Sensory Autumn Classroom Nature Mobile.

10 Adorable Autumnal DIY Projects For Your Home!

Natural materials for light paper and masking tape. Now why didn't i think of that?!

Natural materials for light table using clear contact paper and masking tape : For outdoor activity, we collect natural materials with children. For indoor activity, using light table, children can observe natural materials.

Make your own stick looms, go on a nature hunt, and then weave with the items you find! From Craftiments.

It's "Let's Go Camping" week at Summer Fun Camp Kids will learn how to craft a nature loom and cook s'mores in a solar oven made from a cardboard box.

Set up a nature exploration table to learn about Spring!

Nature Exploration Table

A great way to make a science area visually pleasing or to effectively place natural materials for the children to use. Looks very inviting and interesting!

I like the white lights at this nature table. Small twinkle lights would be great. Nature table at Kids Cottage Navan, image shared by let the children play (",)

Nature Trays and Nature Tables- trays would be a good idea to display our nature finds!

Nature Trays and Nature Tables

Nature Paint Brushes from Messy Little Monster

Nature Paintbrushes

Stick Craft: Nature Paintbrushes Stick Craft: Nature Paint Brushes :: nature craft :: outdoor art project Really want great ideas on arts and crafts?

The perfect way to spend the afternoon with the young scientists in your life... Backyard Science: The Colors of Nature (video activity + printable)

Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature