I like the number 13, and I like the way rust looks.

10 Weirdest Phobias

Episode Year 2012 is gone but the spirit lives on in We record some secret interviews & chats with some people in the Halloween/Haunt Industry.

Our Pathway to the Truth • The Secret behind Numbers


Superstition of the Number Thirteen by EJ Jones 1906 For more see The Number 13 & Other Superstitions - 100 Books on DVDROM Thirteen .

Feng Shui and the Number 13 — Lucky or Unlucky?

Creating a Truly New Year — 6 Feng Shui Steps to Change Your Life without Diet or Exercise

13 by Martina Flor for 8faces.com

Typography & Lettering Advent Calendar Day Martina Flor Originally from Buenos Aires and now living in Berlin, Martina’s type and lettering projects will be familiar to many. Her formal training.