The US government has been pretty open over the past decade about the fact that it simply does not care one whit for privacy, civil liberties and other such petty concerns. Certainly, the US PATRIOT Act ensured that non-US citizens have even fewer rights than the (already heavily degraded) few that remain to Americans, something that has been upheld in court but which remains contentious.

Automatic Wi-Fi roam, signup and billing via SIM card to be tested

10 puntos básicos para proteger tu privacidad online los 365 días, vía Oficina de la Seguridad del Internauta.

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INFOGRAPHIC - Clear Your To Do List With A Virtual Assistant! - The Admin Assistant

[Infographic] Clear Your To Do List With A Virtual Assistant! #BigData BDH-Masters-program.png

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Why So Many Leadership Development Programs Fail - You can’t just learn about communication. You have to do it.

Why So Many Leadership Programs Ultimately Fail

Proof that positive work cultures are more productive: Four ways bosses can create them.

Tech bubbles happen, but we usually gain from the innovation left behind. This one—driven by social networking—could leave us empty-handed

The Evolution of Metadata

"Public-private partnerships can't be the only solution to agricultural development. Local ideas and solutions can be more powerful than monetary investments from big corporations." -Danielle Nierenberg in a new column for Bloomberg Businessweek.

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The future of ‪ as a file storage device ‪ How customers and businesses will get maximum benefit from cloud as a file storage device in future?

10 Biggest Data Centers in the World

10 Biggest Data Centers in the World

The World’s Largest Data Centers: Data Centers Facts and Stats Want more business from social media?

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7 Ways To Build A Successful Relationship Online With Bloggers

11 Tools For Confidentiality In Business | Privacy and security seems to big a…

11 Tools for Confidentiality In Business

Infografía - Copias de seguridad - Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta, 31/3/2014.

Infografía - Copias de seguridad - Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta, 31/3/2014.