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How to Make Floor Cloths

Painting a floor cloth at home is a gratifying way to add a personal touch to your home. You can use floor cloths (canvas rugs) to cover a multitude of floor sins.

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I have found that it's really easy to get caught up in home decor trends. While I love to use popular styles and patterns in our home, I don't like spending the money on items that I might get tired o

Make a Floor Cloth From a Drop Cloth

Make a Floor Cloth From a Drop Cloth

Painted floor cloth Make a floor cloth to perk up your tired floors from a piece of remnant vinyl flooring you get at a home improvement center for just a few dollars. Turn the piece over to the backside, and give it a coat or two of good primer, then a coat of any base coat color. Then use masking tape, stencils, stamps, sponges or freehand painting to impart a design that fits your room. Be sure to seal it with a couple of coats of water based polyurethane.

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painted "rug" made from vinyl flooring instead of canvas....genius for outside or screened porch!

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Custom made/hand painted and absolutely fabulous.  A gallery of examples.  What talent!  Want one, of course.

She turns flooring vinyl upside down and paints on the felted surface underneath with gesso and then acrylic paints.

How to make a custom painted floor cloth from a sheet of vinyl flooring.

This is the finished floor cloth (painted behind left over vinyl flooring) put in place in my kitchen. This is the kitchen floor cloth fi.