Grace's b day cake???? that cake better have a percy jackson book on it! <<<<yes! Pjo

Baker creates a cake library, plus other amazing literary-inspired bakes

I thought this is a really cute idea for a book lovers birthday party! You could personalize it by adding their favorite books! I love books & cake too!

Edible Sea Glass Recipe - Perfect for decorating a Percy Jackson cake or just having as candy.

Edible Sea Glass Recipe

Somebody call Percy! We have found blue cake!!!     I am having my Percy Jackson themed b-day maybe this would be perfect

Somebody call Percy! We have found blue cake! <-------- I found blue raspberry cake at Walmart once. I hugged it and kept saying " My Percy" over and over again. Then I went to two birthday parties with blue cake and I flipped out.

Percy Jackson Cake created by Vancee74 of cakecentral

This Percy Jackson Cake Won’t Reveal The Lightning Thief