Pisces Love: If you want to feel what it's like to be loved, love a Pisces.  It is addicting. It's also true that we can be tiny bit impossible.  And, we may even make you feel a little crazy. Yet, you will miss your fish if they swim away.  Who knows you like they do?  Who will you talk to about all the things you can't talk to anyone about?  Neptune's children have a way of getting under your skin like no other. ~Triton

Pisces: " ~ Warning: A Pisces love can be addicting. When they are gone, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

I wish he knew that 2013 was both my most favorite and most difficult year thus far...

♓ <'((((>< Pisces love more deeply than any other sign. Once you have their heart, it's always yours.

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Too bad people barely ever listen to a Pisces but oh well their loss ;

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The one book character who I totally fell in love with is exactly that. Hmm, maybe there is some truth to it