This qualifies as a weblog because any person can comment. This also devoted to specific topics. Anyone can easily put their input into this.

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tabata @Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Ridgeway lets do this one :)

Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Cardio and Strength Workout: Super Sweaty Tabata Supersets. Super sweaty is right! Just did this and died.

35 Minute, 3.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan-

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan- it has been a few years, but I would like to do another half in October!

Come Join the Couch to 5k Challenge

Alright, so this might work as a running plan but the whole "walk for 5 minutes" on Tuesdays? How about we use a stationary bike and go 5 miles. Or we do yoga. Or we strength train? It's not ALL about running!

31 Minute 5K Treadmill Workout.  Train to run a 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes. #FitFluential

It's no secret that runners who live in hot climates often turn to the treadmill in the summertime. Living in Orlando, I need to get up with the sunrise, run at sunset or go at night to beat the su.

Couch to 5K Training Program

Training Schedule - Jones Jones Leichtman Spirtos and I are going to do the Color Run in November. It's one week short of the race but i think i can do this.

Runaway Mom 10K training  |

Cradle to simple after-baby running plan. Great for moms who want to start running, or who took a break during their pregnancy and postpartum but want to get back to it now!

My Current Workout Plan: Half Marathon Training & Bikini Body Guide Workouts

My Current Workout Plan: Half Marathon Training & Bikini Body Guide Workouts

Starting on Tuesday April 2, 2013. The goal this time is to keep going even after I run the 5K, so I don't start back at square 1 six months later.

Couch to The ultimate beginners running plan. I want to start running again - stopped running in October last year - this might be a nice simple way to ease myself (and my poor lungs) back into it.