A part of me is gone after losing both parents. I don't think I'll ever be quite the same

The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two; one side was filled with memories; the other side died with you . Remembering you is easy, I do it every day; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I miss you Dad

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Air Force Creed... While this doesn't exactly pertain to my time in the Air Force, I would have been proud to live it.  USAF!

Being the daughter of an airman and the stepdaughter of another, I get to see this creed in action every day. However, I wonder if all airmen have the same dedication and love for their service that my family does.

El Blog de la Tertulia Literaria: Poesía: Al padre.

El Blog de la Tertulia Literaria: Poesía: Al padre.

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For soooooooo many years now 😉